Experts will exchange best practices in the field of sustainable development of indigenous peoples and national minorities of North-West Russia and the Nordic Countries

The next activity of the project "Indigenous peoples’ and ethnic minorities’ cooperation and networking increase facility in the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia" will take place in early June in Norway. Project partners will exchange experiences and best practices in various areas of sustainable development of indigenous peoples and national minorities of the region. Centre "Young Karelia" implements the project with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The main goal of the expert seminar is to exchange advanced practices in the following spheres: a) sustainable development in the North and measures by indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities to overcome consequenses of climate change; b) preservation of culture, traditions and languages; indigenous education systems; c) economic empowerment of indigenous communities and links with tourism development; d) using of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in the socio-economic development of the region.

The expert workshop will be held in Skibotn, Norway from 8 to 10 June 2018. The host party is the Kven Association Kvenlandsforbundet. Participants will be able not only to exchange experiences, but also to take part in the annual festival of folk music of Kvens. Russian participants will also organize a photo exhibition dedicated to indigenous peoples of the North-West Russia.

Confirmed presentations at the expert seminar:

"Current situation of Kvens"

ALEKSEI TSYKAREV, Chair of Centre for Support of Indigenous Peoples and Civic Diplomacy "Young Karelia"
"Indigenous Peoples of Karelia: positive experience and main challenges on the way to sustainable development"

JUHA JOONA, Researcher
"Traditional Kven livelihoods, hunting, fishing, reindeer herding, small-scale agriculture"

SVETLANA KOLCHURINA, Director of Association of Ethnocultural Centers and Heritage Organizations "ECHO"
"Experience in actualization of cultural heritage by the network of ethnocultural centers of Karelia"

"Culture as a product in tourism" 

NATALYA ANTONOVA, Member of Board in Centre for Support of Indigenous Peoples and Civic Diplomacy "Young Karelia"
"Language Nest in the House of Karelian Language - Contribution to the Revitalization of the Karelian Language"

"On the activities of Storfjord language centre, teaching of Kven and Finnish languages on the Kven territory of residence"

ALINA NECHAEVA, Director of the Fund for sociocultural programs "Resources"
"Support for the culture and identity of indigenous peoples of Leningrad Region"

TANJA JOONA, Researcher
"The status of Kvens as an indigenous people"
ELENA YAKOVLEVA, Chair of Association of Kola Saami
"Current situation of Sami in Russia"

MARIA KUNDOZEROVA, Researcher of Folklore Sector in the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Karelian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
"Preservation and revitalization of language at the junction of science and practice"

JOUNI KORKIASAARI, Centre of migration, JUHA TAINIO, Journalist
"Even settlers in Alaska and Canada, their activities on the new homeland" 
ZOYA MAKHANEVA, Member of Community of small-numbered indigenous people Izhora “Shojkula”
"Preservation of Izhorian culture within their indigenous territories"

GALINA LUKYANOVA, Associate Professor, Department of Political Institutions and Applied Political Studies, St. Petersburg State University
"Opportunities for positive interaction between indigenous peoples and industrial companies"

"Kven music"