Centre "Young Karelia"

Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples and Civic Diplomacy "Young Karelia" ("Nuori Karjala") is a non-governemental organization in the Republic of Karelia, located in the northwest part of Russia. The Center was established on January 27, 2016, however its history is longer, as the organization is a successor of the youth organization "Young Karelia", which had been established in 1993 by active students.

Our main goals are preservation, development and popularization of the Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish languages and cultures in the Republic of Karelia and beyond. The organization is involved in the cultural cooperation of kindred Finno-Ugric peoples, civic diplomacy and indigenous affairs.

"Young Karelia" stands for modern approaches in culture, creative initiatives and respect for human rights. We are in favor of any positive interaction with partners from civil society and government.

Center "Young Karelia" is a relatively small-numbered organization. We do not speak on behalf of the indigenous peoples of Karelia, but we strive to help their sustainable development in every way possible.

Center "Young Karelia" is in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations since 2019. This allows for better interaction with different international mechanisms.

Charter (RUS and ENG)

Certificate on state registration of a non-profit organization (RUS and ENG)